Acro - Dynamic SAT

A Dynamic Sat is a manoeuvre where you mix the rotation of the Sat and the dynamic pulses of a wingover or an asymmetric spiral.

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To Enter:

T To enter a Dynamic Sat you go from a wingover or an asymmetric Spiral in to the Sat. When you do this you will feel a pulsating feeling that is very different from a normal Sat.

Let’s do a Dynamic Sat to the right: 

Start low and do one or two Wingovers, just so you get some speed, then when you are at the lowest point in your wingover, just as you are about to go the other side, grab the left riser and go in to the Sat position, you might have to apply a little more brake than usual in the beginning. Always do the dynamic sat to the same direction as you did your last Wingover. For this reason it can be easier to enter from an asymmetric spiral, they you just continue at the same direction all the time, just be careful not to do them too high in the beginning, they are very powerful and can take you by surprise.

You also have be alert on the spin point of you glider at this point, it’s quite hard to spin a glider when you have it loaded with this much energy but it´s possible. And you will end up with a nasty Mactwist. If this happens, just hold on to the brake and let go of the glider when you see the leading edge again, don’t worry, if you miss it the first time you will have a second or third chance. The thing you DON’T want to do is let go of the brake, making a huge Misty Flip and risk ending up in the sail.

If you want, and feel confident, you can cheat a bit and shorten the entry by doing your dynamic sat to the opposite side from you last wingover or your asymmetric spiral, this is the same way you would enter a tumble, but if you do them low you won’t have the energy necessary to throw you over the wing. DON’T DO THEM HIGH until you are absolutely confident with all the forces and actions required to exit them, they are extreme, they can be as high as 5G´s.

To exit a Dynamic sat you just hold on to the brake and stay in the Sat position and the glider will bleed all the energy out and continue around in a normal Sat. If you want to progress and start doing Tumbles, this is the manoeuvre you have to master, making them higher and higher every time.