Acro with the Sperminator

2011 was extraordinarily  busy with SIV courses, we ran 9 courses throughout the year. This presented us with an opportunity to include a section an Acro into the film.

A few years ago Johan Erikson (AKA “The Sperminator”) joined the Escape team. Johan is a paragliding instructor in Sweden, he is a very talented XC pilot but being young and full of testosterone his attention has turned to Acro. Johan has been working alongside Chris and myself on our SIV courses in Turkey teaching Acro moves such as rhythmic sats, dynamic sats, helicopters and tumbles to our SIV clients.

Johan, as you can imagine, was more than happy to perform for the cameras and we have some excellent footage of both good and not so good examples of the various manoeuvres.

We see Acro as a natural progression from SIV for those pilots who enjoy the thrill of G forces and whanging the glider around.

Before starting to train for Acro, it is important to be comfortable with the basics and have the skills to recover safely when things go wrong (and they will).

The aspiring Acro pilot should be comfortable with developed spins, full stalls, tail sliding, reserve deployments, big wing overs and asymmetric spirals before commencing Acro training.

During these courses, Chris, who is my take off instructor, was also doing some filming, he made a bracket to hold a camera focused on the vario mounted on his flight deck and flew a Mantra and a Geo recording descent rates and height loss in all of the manoeuvres on both gliders.  The results were quite interesting and may be a surprise to some people.

So looking back on it, Johan and Chris were having great fun falling out of the sky while I burnt to a crisp bobbing about on my boat!