Filming SIV in Turkey

We started filming in Olu Deniz, Turkey in early April 2010. We had scheduled one week's filming in Turkey then another week in Annecy, France shortly afterward. All was going according to plan then a volcano erupted somewhere in Iceland which made it impossible to get home.

We ended up stuck there for 2 weeks but put the extra time to good use by continuing to film. We managed to get some excellent footage, Olu Deniz is beautiful in April. We had the whole resort to ourselves, hard to imagine for those of you that have been there when it is busy, the beaches were empty and we had the take offs and skies to ourselves, perfect!

We descended over 95,000 meters filming during that 2 weeks, we worked hard flying and filming during the day and downloading and logging the footage at night but it was incredibly good fun.

We were using 2 or 3 high definition cameras mounted onboard, one focused just on the glider one on me showing hand positions and enabling me to talk you through each manouevre, and sometimes another dedicated to filming flight instruments to give accurate information on descent rates and height loss.

We also had another high definition slow motion camera which was operated by BAFTA award  winning cameraman, Martin Cray, Martin filmed from the air whilst being flown tandem by my senior instructor, Chris White and also filmed from the ground when the shot demanded it.

It is an unbelievably slow process, we would spend hours discussing the shots that we needed and the positioning of the cameras, take another hour to get to take off, spend a lot of time rigging and setting the equipment then choreograph the flight.

We would then land, pack up and go back to the hotel and download and log what we had just shot.

This whole process would often take 4 or 5 hours per flight and sometimes we would only get a few seconds of usable footage, and that was only if the equipment worked properly.

We finally got a flight home from Turkey on 23rd of April with some very good footage, in fact, we had the majority of what we wanted for the SIV portion of the film.

Once back in the U.K, Martin, Chris and I went our separate ways, Martin back to his beloved birds, Chris went straight to France to run an XC course in Laragne and I went flying in order to get the opening sequence of the film.

With the original SIF having been filmed entirely in Turkey, a lot of people were under the impression that I live there.

I do, in fact, live in the lake District in Cumbria and wanted to show our viewers, particularly those that live abroad, where I live and why I am so proud of it.

Ian Merrylees and I started to edit the footage we had so far, in our spare time, meanwhile we carried on running our courses in France, Turkey and the UK in order to fund more filming.