security in flight - pilotageHere are the things you can do yourself, providing you have got good altitude, it’s familiar nice smooth air and you are comfortable, you can generally practice manoeuvres. Not extreme, but manoeuvres that get you a better understanding of your wing.



Pitch Exercises

Just doing simple turns and learning about where it can go and where it can’t. The spin point, the dive point, etc. So start with simple pitch exercises. Slow it down, let it dive. As it dives, slow it down, let it dive. Just gently porpoising, building up your tolerance to the amount of brake you can pull and the amount of dive your wing can do and remain safe. So that is getting used to your pitch and being comfortable with it. Its quite important, and you will learn that you can pull on quite a bit of brake and still be OK.

Topics covered in the films:

- Pitch Exercises

- Roll Control

- Turn Reversals